Flybits for

Retail banks

There’s never been a better time to expand personalized digital experiences for your customers

We’re proud to be backed by global leaders and customers.

Deliver great banking experience from the customer’s point of view

Give customers what they need, at the right moment, through the right channel.

Knowing your customers has never been easier

Complement your proprietary banking data with device and third party data for a holistic view of every customer, without the technical hassle.

Scale personalization across business lines with ease

We removed all the technological friction points so you can deploy personalized customer experiences with ease for primary banking, credit cards, mortgage, wealth and every group in between.

Empower your organization to deliver impact quickly

Innovation should not take years to implement. Flybits’ platform with personalization and AI capabilities can be implemented in weeks to your existing infrastructure, so you can derive value immediately.

It's time your digital channels work for you