Privacy & Security

Data privacy
is a human right

But we live in an age of data insecurity where people are growing weary of trusting organizations with their data. 

We take a privacy by design approach to ensure your customer’s data is safe and secure while giving them control and ownership over it

We take a privacy by design approach to ensure your customer’s data is safe and secure, while giving them control and ownership over it.

Flybits, for better data

We empower financial Institutions to become trusted gatekeepers of consumer data. We enable your customers to choose when to share their data, and for what purpose. We do this by creating a good data ecosphere. By delivering high-value, personalized experiences that actually help your customers, you will strengthen your relationship with them. In turn, they will be more likely to share data that they know is safe.

What are consumers saying?

0 %

agree companies must be proactive about data protection.

0 %

of customers feel they are in control of their personal data.

1 %

say the responsibility of protecting data rests with the company collecting the data.

PWC, Protect.Me Survey, 2017

Safeguarding data

In our new data-as-currency world, consumers trust us with their information. In exchange, they expect
their data to be protected. To put this at risk would result in consequences from regulators and backlash
from consumers willing to take their business elsewhere.

“Consumer privacy and security are among the most important issues facing financial institutions today, especially as consumers grow increasingly wary of where their data is going and how it’s being used. Our new guided opt-in flow offers three levels of permissions: concierge service, location tracking, and notifications as well as explaining what data is required, how it will be used, and the promise of data privacy.”

Jordanne Pavao, VP of Product at Flybits

Gaining trust means giving control

Privacy by design

Flybits advocates data and algorithmic transparency by putting consumers in the driver’s seat with their data.

Put consumers in control

The Flybits platform includes a built-in guided opt-in as part of the user experience to give consumers control over what data they provide.

Full transparency

Let consumers know what data is required and how it will be used. Best of all, offer peace of mind with the promise of data privacy.

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