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Be your customer’s primary financial institution by providing a personal and engaging primary banking proposition.

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Deepen customer relationships and grow with them throughout their life journey

Reduce inactive accounts and bolster customer engagement with comprehensive onboarding programs. Deliver messages and offers in key life moments, becoming the lifelong advisor customers count on.

Create a new-to-bank onboarding process, with a digital welcome package and daily quizzes.

Only 47% of banks and credit unions have an onboarding program, and those that do mostly use direct mail, phone and email.

Anchor your customers to their new checking account in the first 30 days.

One of the top reasons a checking account becomes inactive is because setting up features like direct salary deposit is a pain.

Reduce operational costs by shifting manual processes to digital.

By digitally onboarding your customers, you significantly increase customer satisfaction and reduce costly manual activities like writing checks and consumption of paper statements.

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Survey: US Credit Union Customer Needs During the COVID-19 Crisis

As much of the world has come to a grinding halt, the situation around COVID-19 has exposed the weaknesses of institutions that have failed to truly invest in digital transformation strategies, while demonstrating the positive impact of those that have. While many credit unions have been actively trying to reach and support customers, their members’ expectations are increasing.

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Survey: US Bank Customer Needs During the COVID-19 Crisis

While many banks have been actively trying to reach and support customers, the results of this survey reveal that customers’ expectations are increasing. It also highlights the change in their expectations, app adoption, and how customers feel about the way their bank is supporting them through this crisis.

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