Our Solution

How can you be more than a bank?

We give banks a fast, low risk way to go to market. Flybits’ easy integration allows banks to test what works and what doesn’t with minimal investment. Launch a pilot with a few desired use cases in just a few weeks. So instead of undergoing a long, rip-and-replace initiative, our platform helps you avoid IT constraints and get insights quickly.

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Turn data into impactful experiences that help people

For most banks, engagement rates are less than 1%. Customers expect you to know them and banks are still relying on human-to-human interactions to achieve this. But with the shift to digital, banking is becoming commoditized and ‘transactional’.

What is Flybits?

80% of your customers are willing to embrace virtual banking

Bringing wisdom to your data will transform how you engage customers by creating a human touch, without erroding the emotional connection you have spent decades building. Welcome to Flybits.