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Empower everyone to deliver customer-centric experiences across digital channels

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Create a unified, elevated experience across your digital channels

Turn your mobile app and website into a personalization engine that onboards, engages, converts and retains the right customers, in the right moment.

Make your digital channels a destination

Give customers a reason to come back to your mobile app or website time and again beyond checking their account balance or transferring money. Send offers and experiences personalized for each customer with the right message, delivered at the right time so that they keep coming back for more.

Drive internal adoption and see the impact immediately

Built for business users, with an intuitive user-interface and design. A high ease of use is correlated with high usage adoption, meaning your team and your stakeholders can start using the platform immediately to drive business results.

Guide your organization towards a customer-centric culture

Flybits equips your team with a customer-centric platform that coordinates your product-centric business. The delivery of offers and experiences for customers across your digital channels will be centralized. Gone are the days of having to manage competing priorities across different business groups. Experiences are now customer-centric and business-conscious. Learn more about channel enablement.

Our customers have seen these results in weeks

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Points higher on average in engagement when customers feel like you know them and their needs
10 %
Reduction in attribution cost with customer-centric, personalized experiences
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Shorter time-to-market so you’ll never miss out on an opportunity

It's time your digital channels work for you