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Improve the cardholder experience and build engagement, loyalty, and higher lifetime value.

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Drive top of wallet behavior by interacting in the moment of truth

Move beyond facilitating transactions to providing meaningful, relevant value. Remind customers to activate their card, nudge them to earn points at retailers, provide relevant offers, and more during key life moments.

Increase credit card activation rates with timely nudges.

Reduce the burden on your call center, reduce the cost of direct mail, and deliver more meaningful interactions than email.

Cardholders activated their card 5 days faster on average when they received engagement within the first 30 days of account opening.

Stimulate diversified credit card spending habits.

Incent cardholders to diversify category spend early, especially when the card becomes compartmentalized.

When cardholders use their card for purchases in more than one category within the first 30 days, it increases the likelihood that they make that card their preferred payment method.

Foster loyalty through personalized engagements.

Increase CSAT and customer lifetime value by engaging your customers with timely and relevant offers.

Smart contextual recommendations—such as sending restaurant recommendations via an app when a cardholder is near a merchant partner— can boost cardholder spend by 5 to 10 percent.

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Where Are You On the Personalization Spectrum?

The era of one-size-fits-all digital experiences is over. Customers expect brands to tailor experiences to their unique preferences, needs, and situation — and banks and credit unions must rise to the challenge. Many banks and credit unions pride themselves on giving financial services a “human touch,” thanks to friendly and helpful branch employees. Digital personalization replicates that human touch at scale, wherever customers do their online and mobile banking.

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How to Reboot the Economy After COVID-19

Banks and credit unions have quickly become a source of much-needed stability amid an economic storm. As unemployment skyrockets and retirement savings dwindle due to the COVID-19 pandemic, financial institutions increasingly serve as gateways of trust to small business loans, stimulus checks, and other government aid. Many are also helping customers directly by deferring mortgage payments or waiving fees on accounts.

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A Tribute to Barry Gekiere: A Champion & Builder of the Canadian Startup Ecosystem

Last week our startup community lost Barry Gekiere, a champion of Canadian innovation, an entrepreneurial mentor, and an incredible human being. Flybits was fortunate to know him as he was an early member of our Board of Directors, and was instrumental to me personally when navigating through the early stages of building a startup in University, to positioning the company for rapid growth.

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Show your customers how their credit card provides them with more than just transactions.