Data is the new asset class and trust the new currency

The future of banking started with the smartphone and now they must compete for attention with everything else on a customer’s mobile device. Banks must evolve to win the fight for relevance and trust.

Flybits is a champion for better data

We power a branch in your pocket, turning an app into a destination. One where banks can service customers through predictive, proactive digital engagement. Most importantly, we believe that people own their own data, and have the right to decide when and how to use it.

Five key elements to making your app a destination


The content and value is so good each customer visits your app at least once a day.

Community building

You’re able to connect customers and create social communities around like-minded interests, like helping out your neighbourhood small businesses.


Extend the value chain to partners and offer reciprocity though valuable partner offers, education, payments support, and POS finance.


You’re building a culture around sustainability. From sharing helpful advice and information on industry trends and valuable data, to promoting offers on solar panels, and providing loans for ground source heating.


You’re able to drive an increase in users, product penetration, and revenue from offering other complimentary products and services in the right moments, like banking and insurance sales.

We believe that data privacy is a human right

Flybits puts banks in the fast lane

Through an always on live feed that dynamically shows insights, recommendations, and advice, we also prepackage all the relevant points of interaction that help customers buy a home, save, manage debt, or onboard to a new product. Marketers activate these turnkey services to both help customers and drive real results.