Helping SMBs stay afloat during COVID-19

A top-ten North American bank saw the devastating impact COVID-19 was having on their small and medium-sized business customers (SMBs).

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The problem

Since the beginning of the pandemic, business has shifted online. That means SMBs aren’t getting the foot traffic they used to. As a result, they’re experiencing a sharp decline in sales. While many are pivoting, moving their businesses online in a matter of months is a huge challenge. Without help, it’s one that some local businesses won’t be able to overcome.

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Triggers and Segmentation

The solution

This enterprise bank wanted to leverage their mobile app to deliver discount offers for SMB customers. They got in touch with Flybits to make it happen.

Now, offers in their mobile app dynamically change in real time based on a consumer’s whereabouts. For example, someone passing by a coffee shop participating in the program gets a nudge for a discount next door.

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The results

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The initiative keeps SMBs top of mind, encourages sales, and empowers the bank to actively support one of their most important customer segments, giving them time to adapt to new market realities.

SMBs who participated in the programs received thousands of views for each offer, with engagement rates as high as 19%. Most importantly, each mobile nudge generated 400 users with a high intent to purchase.

In other words, this bank is now helping its SMB increase sales and awareness.

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