What’s the next big thing in context-as-a-service?

In our blogs, our digital engagement professionals explore new ideas and analyze the trends that are shaping our industry.

Thoughts on Defining Context

A key component of the Flybits platform is context, and while people usually associate context with location, that is only one piece of the puzzle. Context goes beyond location and can be characterized by other means including time, weather, personal characteristics, and more. Context can be explained as a key feature in the interaction between

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From an Idea to Series A (A Fundraising Story)

Back when Flybits was still a research group out of Ryerson University, we began to search for funding that would allow us to spin off into what is now our current company. This initial funding came in the form of seed funding, and we also went on to secure additional funding through a Series A

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Vision in Experience Design

Applications enabled with Flybits’ context-aware solution allows brands to curate a wealth of unique experiences in their mobile apps, a powerful tool in refining a brand’s customer experience, but also a very new concept. We are increasingly hearing the term “experience design” in many industries, which raises the question, how do brands design lasting and

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Autonomy with Flybits: A Marketing Professional’s Perspective

There’s an old adage that if you want something done right, do it yourself. But in my experience as a Silicon Valley marketer for the past 20+ years, “doing it right” often meant depending on a technical expert to implement an idea or content change – web masters, developers, and other tech support within the

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Google and Apple’s Take on Context

If you’ve been following tech giants Google and Apple recently, you’ll notice some similarities in their most recent developer conferences: both of them are making strides towards making their mobile experiences more contextually aware.

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