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Four Digital Experiences that Boost Customer Loyalty

4 Digital Experiences That Boost Customer Loyalty

Digital channels are important battlegrounds for customer loyalty in banking. Customers’ expectations are increasingly set by big tech companies that offer frictionless, streamlined digital experiences — experiences that they’re starting to bring to financial services in the form of eWallets, loan products, and more. Banks must leap ahead if they want to remain competitive, and attract and retain the types of loyal customers who generate their steadiest revenue streams.

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Big Tech Can’t Be Trusted With Consumer Data — Here’s Why Banks Should Take Over

You probably already trust a bank with your life savings. Why not your personal data?
Imagine you could set up your Android smartphone so that instead of sending your location data to Google, it would go to your bank, sort of like setting up direct deposits for paychecks. The bank would store that data securely alongside your purchase records from Amazon, your web browser history and any other information collected about you via digital means.

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A letter from our CEO Hossein Rahnama

A Letter From Our CEO

Every year at this time, I take a few moments to reflect on what we’ve been able to accomplish together as a team at Flybits. And while each year has culminated in some amazing achievements, this year was something truly special. Not only because of how Flybits has grown but also because we are witnessing a change in the financial services industry that is leading to revolutionary developments.

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Optimizing The Cardholder Lifecycle - Part 4: Retention

Optimizing The Cardholder Lifecycle Part 4: Retention

Acquiring a new customer is up to 25 times as expensive as retaining an existing one, according to Harvard Business Review. That makes the fourth and final phase of the cardholder lifecycle, retention, extremely important to banks. By reinforcing card value proposition and proactively addressing potential causes of churn, banks can reduce their costs while also building loyalty.

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Making Payments The Hero Of Digital Transformation In Banking

Every day, more and more credit and debit card transactions take place without a customer ever touching their card. From Venmo to Apple Pay, bigtech and fintech players are launching services that erode banks’ interface with customers, making it harder than ever for financial institutions to build and maintain brand loyalty.

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Optimizing the cardholder lifecycle Part 3: Usage

Optimizing The Cardholder Lifecycle Part 3: Usage

Usage is generally the stage of the cardholder lifecycle where the bank recoups acquisition costs and generates the most revenue. When a customer is fully onboarded and credit card usage is happening on a regular basis, banks enjoy steady revenue, especially if the customer has set profitable primary-card habits as discussed in my last post on activation and early month on book (EMOB).

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