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Making Payments The Hero Of Digital Transformation In Banking

Every day, more and more credit and debit card transactions take place without a customer ever touching their card. From Venmo to Apple Pay, bigtech and fintech players are launching services that erode banks’ interface with customers, making it harder than ever for financial institutions to build and maintain brand loyalty.

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Optimizing the cardholder lifecycle Part 3: Usage

Optimizing The Cardholder Lifecycle Part 3: Usage

Usage is generally the stage of the cardholder lifecycle where the bank recoups acquisition costs and generates the most revenue. When a customer is fully onboarded and credit card usage is happening on a regular basis, banks enjoy steady revenue, especially if the customer has set profitable primary-card habits as discussed in my last post on activation and early month on book (EMOB).

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Optimizing The Cardholder Lifecycle Part 2: Activation & Early Month On Book (EMOB)

The period after acquisition is high stakes for banks. On average, only 57% of new customers activate their cards after receiving them in the mail. That means nearly half of new cards remain unactivated and unused, with no way for banks to recoup acquisition costs. For customers who do activate, their behaviors during their first 60-90 days with the card, also known as the EMOB, sets usage patterns that will last the lifetime of the relationship, for better or for worse.

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