Creating personalized experiences has never been this easy.

With Flybits’ end-to-end no code platform, the power is in your hands.

Flybits Experience Studio is a powerful platform that removes all functional dependencies, enabling your marketing team to go-to-market 85% faster.

Content Creation

Deliver content that converts

  • Pick ready-to-use templates from our Template Library and easily customize them

  • Drive conversion and fulfillment with embedded CTAs and deeplinking

  • Conform to brand guidelines with customizable theming

  • Preview the content you create and see how it will render on the consumer’s mobile device
  • Amplify your experiences with timely push notifications

Triggers & Segmentation

Make each experience personal

  • Be relevant every time by setting the conditions for a customer to self-enroll in experiences
  • Act on internal or external data, like account type, purchase habits, location, weather, merchant type, and more
  • Quickly create conditions with our easy drag and drop context builder

Multichannel Experiences

Create journeys that delight

  • Use predefined schedules and series of interactions to power product onboarding, 30/60/90 day plans for new-to-bank customers, auto loan journeys, financial wellness programs, and so much more

  • Orchestrate multi-channel experiences through In-app, push, web, and tap into your other systems with email hooks or call center triggers

Digital Product Delivery

Activate your digital product stack within Concierge

  • Trigger events in third party applications, like your preferred Chatbot, PFM or other digital offerings

  • Integrate audiences and models you’ve already created in your CRM, CDP or DMP, and more

It’s time your digital channels work for you.