Orchestrate Customer Experiences​

Designing experiences is easy using Flybits Experience Studio. With its intuitive interface, you can orchestrate experiences in minutes.

Experience Studio

Once you’ve assembled your data ecosystem, you’re ready to start designing contextual experiences for your customers.

Experience Studio is an easy-to-use tool we give you to orchestrate customer experiences that target hyper-specific audiences with highly relevant content and offers.
See Experience Studio in action.

Here's how it works.​

Launch an experience.

To get started, open up Experience Studio and click the link in the left navigation to create a new experience.

Create your audience.

Then go to the Context Hub to select your context plug-ins to build your target audience. You can easily combine data variables that come from proprietary sources, like purchase history and credit score, with contextual data, such as location and physical activity.

Design your content.

Next, define the content you want your customers to engage with in the Content Hub. Flybits gets you started with a library of out-of-the-box templates, while allowing you to upload any custom content you create. So you can deliver targeted offers, personalized articles, relevant products, surveys and polls, and more.

Activate and push.

Now all you have to do is activate your experience and your targeted audience will immediately start enjoying the content you’ve developed for them. You can choose to send a push notification to guide them into the experience. Or set it up to be triggered when they meet a specific condition. For example, sending a customer satisfaction survey 15 minutes after a customer leaves a bank branch.

Analyze and optimize.

Estimate your campaign’s reach ahead of time and, once live, examine detailed metrics such as impressions (who saw your message), engagement (who responded by taking action) and the top performing plug-ins.

Now you're ready to deliver your hyper-personalized experiences to your customers.