Deliver Experiences To Your Customers​

Delivering hyper-personalized experiences that meet customers’ needs is easy using Flybits Concierge.

Flybits Concierge

Flybits Concierge easily integrates into your digital channels so you can proactively engage with your customers along their journey, helping fulfill their transactional needs and achieve their financial goals.

Here's how it works.

1. Define your integration.

Flybits Concierge can be integrated into your mobile channels in one of two ways. Choose from a turnkey widget that can be quickly installed in your existing apps to offer a robust customer experience, or a flexible application that you can fully customize to your unique design, allowing you to offer a tailor-made experience for your customers.’

2. Add the SDKs.

We offer native Android and iOS SDKs, along with an SDK for Javascript. Once you’ve selected and installed the SDKs in your products, you’re ready to start customizing Concierge.

3. Design Concierge.

If you’ve chosen the turnkey solution, it takes just minutes to set up how you want your customers to access Concierge in your app and what color palette you want Concierge to display.

If you want full control of the UX and UI of Concierge, you simply work with your designers and developers to create a one-of-a-kind implementation.

Our patented approach to AI features current applications and forward-thinking scalability.