Data Management

Connect all the data you need in a single platform

More data with less technical complexities

Flybits removes all technical complexities when dealing with data so you can focus on creating the best personalized experiences with ease.

Augmented Data Ecosystem

Go beyond banking data

  • Complement data inside your organization with data enabled out-of-the-box, such as device data from Flybits Concierge or public data like weather and much more

  • Suite of data partners ready to expand your data ecosystems so you can deliver new and innovative customer experiences

  • All the heavy lifting with aggregating, unifying and normalizing different data types and sources is done in the background

Seamless Connectivity

Easy and flexible integration models

  • Full flexibility to choose the integration method that works best for your organization, from advanced Kafka streams to flat excel files

  • Flybits Integration Toolkit enables the ease of connection and interaction with other platforms, like CRMs, loyalty platforms, chatbots, IoT services, and much more

  • With a few clicks in our user-friendly interface, you can connect to new data sources, improving your speed to market and minimizing your reliance on technical teams

Privacy and Security by Design

Secure data usage

  • Built upon the Privacy and Security By Design framework that forms part of Europe’s GDPR legislation and in compliance with other regional regulations

  • Abstraction of data can be done by leveraging insights of the data, rather than the raw data itself, enhancing another layer of data security

  • Only anonymized identifiers will be used on the Flybits Platform, meaning your customers stay incognito at all times, and no personally identifiable information ever leaves your own infrastructure

It’s time your digital channels work for you