Your mobile and web channels could do so much more.

Quick to implement. Easy to use.

Flybits' Mobile Concierge and Web Concierge transform your digital channels, so that every customer interaction is personal, relevant and meaningful.

Embedded Layer

A few lines of code to transform your channels

Gone are the days of wasting time and money on rip and replace digital initiatives. Flybits Mobile and Web Concierge are an embedded layer that leverage your existing IT infrastructure.

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Real-Time Tracking

Optimized engagement every step of the way

Start recommending hyper-personalized  offers, information, financial wellness and other messages to your customers. Receive real-time performance insights about your experiences that help you optimize engagement every step of the way.

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Dynamic Feed

A dynamic, customizable feed

Your teams no longer need to prioritize communication of one product over another due to bandwidth constraints. Show your customers a dynamically prioritized feed of experiences with the most relevant products, information and messages based on their interests, life stage and other factors.

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Last-Mile Delivery

Full control over the last-mile of delivery

Flybits reduces go-to-market cycle time by >85% by minimizing your Marketing team’s functional dependencies. Deploy experiences in real-time, without relying on technical teams for support.

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It’s time your digital channels work for you.