Audience Optimization

Reach the right customers everytime

Use AI to determine the best audience and excel your business goals

Flybits Audience Optimization finds the best audience for every customer engagement, so that relevant reach and business results are maximized every single time.

Business Driven AI​

Built for financial services

  • Advanced AI that enables business users to optimize customer engagement without the need for technical expertise
  • Highly scalable solution that enables tailored optimization for every experience
  • Model trained with plethora of data points from the industry to deliver the best performance for financial institutions

Human in the Loop

Symbiotic relationship with AI

  • Users are always in full control of audience changes, setting guidelines to ensure business and regulatory compliance, and balancing audience size with expected conversion metrics

  • Simple interface to enable or disable Audience Optimization without the technical complexities

  • Business teams are empowered with AI to make informed decisions, minimizing the reliance on data science and technical teams

Fully Integrated Solution​

Work within existing workflow

  • No need to reinvent processes to incorporate AI , Audience Optimization is embedded within your existing workflow right within Experience studio

  • Leverage learnings from AI feedback loop to create, augment and deploy experiences directly to customers within one single platform

  • Optimization results in sync with changing market dynamics and customer behaviours

It’s time your digital channels work for you