Assemble Your Data Ecosystem​

Flybits eases the challenges of assembling data from different systems, enriching it with context so you can better understand and target your customers.

The backbone of personalization and AI is a cohesive data ecosystem.

Building one can be difficult and costly, with data often coming from different systems with different structures. Flybits simplifies this process by turning your proprietary data into context plug-ins, which are data variables that you use to define your audience.

For example, bank balance, investment vehicles and how long someone has been a customer are all context plug-ins. We also give you out-of-the-box plug-ins that use contextual data, such as whether someone is driving or walking, if they have availability in their calendar, and what location they’re in.

Then it’s as simple as combining whichever context plug-ins you need to create just the right audience for your experience.

How does it work? Let’s look at this scenario.

You might know someone has deposited a large sum into their bank account. You can take this kind of data and turn it into a context plug-in and then match it up with other activities such as whether they have read any articles about investing.

You can also tailor this experience to customers who are within 1 mile of their preferred branch. By combining these context plug-ins you can now reach out to each customer with a very personalized message inviting them in to discuss investing strategies.
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Once you've assembled your data you can orchestrate hyper-personalized experiences for your customers.​