Better insights, decisions and results

Eliminate the guesswork and use advanced analytics to drive business decisions

Flybits Analytics empowers your organization to optimize performance across your digital channels, so that every customer experience is personalized, relevant and impactful. ​

Actionable Insights ​

Get the right data for you

  • Use data-driven insights to inform your content and audience segmentation strategy

  • Streamlined reports make it easy to see the right data and identify opportunities immediately

  • Real-time dashboards enable quick course correct on what’s not working and double down on what’s working

Ease of Use

Demonstrate impact immediately

  • A built-in tool that can help you make better decisions on Day 1, without additional setup time or costs

  • Visualize how your offers and experiences contribute to your organization’s business results directly on the platform

  • Automatically feed engagement insights back into your workflow as a direct data source to further improve your results

User-friendly Design

Built for business users

  • You shouldn’t need a degree in data science to understand analytics. With a simple interface and clean dashboards, advanced analytics can be easily visualized and analyzed to propel your business forward

  • Ingest analytics data to another visualization platform with ease and flexibility

  • Share data with your cross-functional teams to maximize collaborative efforts. Every datapoint can be exported to CSV or JSON for your convenience.

It’s time your digital channels work for you