The Flybits Platform

Flybits recommendation engine uses context-aware computing to deliver experiences to your customers when it’s most relevant.

Watch our CEO demo how you can use Flybits to deliver contextual experiences to your customers.

Meet your customers’ needs in real time.

Our contextual recommendation engine enables you to deliver personalized experiences to your customers when it matters to them most. Which leads to increased engagement, deeper loyalty, and higher ROI.

See how Flybits works in:

  • Lending
  • Card Services
  • Wealth

Here's how it works.

1. Assemble your data.

Chances are you have massive amounts of data stored in different systems. Some are old, some are new, and integrating them can be a lengthy and costly challenge.
Flybits helps solve your data assembly issues by connecting all your data so it can work together in one data ecosystem. We also give you access to additional sources of contextual data that allow you to better understand where your customers are and what they are doing in the moment. By aggregating your data with our contextual data you can create more personalized experiences to fulfill your customers’ needs.

2. Orchestrate your experiences.

Bringing your data together is the first step to delivering better customer experiences. But once your data is assembled you need to be able to use it with ease.
With Flybits Experience Studio, you can easily access your contextually-enriched data to create broad or targeted segments of customers. Then tap into our repository of content or create your own and design experiences that will help your customers along their journey. Such as helping a customer with a sudden influx of cash learn tips about investing, and connecting them with an Investment Advisor in their area.

3. Deliver to your customers.

Once you’ve designed hyper-personalized experiences using data, context, and content you want to deliver these to your customers when it’s most important to them.
Flybits Concierge integrates into your digital channels so you can help your customers achieve their goals wherever they are. With Concierge, you can send nudges, feature highly relevant content, and promote the products, services, and offers your customers actually need. And Concierge is a low-code solution, meaning you can add it to your digital channels quickly with minimal development.

Assembling your data ecosystem is the first step to enhanced customer experiences.