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Our Partnership

Unlock new capabilities and business models with Flybits and our partners​

Turn on any of our +300 market-tested banking experiences in just a few clicks, or customize your own. Improve and automate onboarding, feature adoption, cross-sell, retention, and more.

For Financial institutionS

Deliver value with our partners

  • Pre-built integrations with core banking systems to ease implementation and expedite time to market

  • New sources of device and third party data to deliver seamless, multi-channel personalization experiences out-of-the-box

  • Integrated platform to simplify the way digital experiences are orchestrated

For Technology providers

Maximize your potential

  • Discover new opportunities, expand current offerings, and collaborate on joint go-to-market activities

  • Gain access to global customers in the financial service industry and be a part of growing ecosystem

  • Combine our expertise and capabilities with our Integration Toolkit, built to expedite time-to-market for our partners

Our Feature

Flybits' marketplace

  • Leverage Flybits’ Marketplace as an extension to your Innovation team and get access to advanced technology from ecosystem partners

  • Gain a competitive edge by working with companies with a proven track record in the financial industry with no additional development

  • Expedite time-to-market with a broad set of digital customer experiences that can be fulfilled end-to-end

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