How It Works

How It Works

With Flybits, you get a deeply sophisticated system that unifies proprietary and public data in one easy-to-use dashboard. It learns intelligently from large data sets and adapts with your input in real time.

As a result, information you want to share appears through your digital channels at exactly the right moment to be useful and actionable.



Here’s where you’ll see all the experiences you’ve already created. Want to add a new one? Get started with one quick click.

Content Hub

This library of templates speeds up the process of creating content. Quickly build exclusive offers, customer feedback surveys, chatbots, gamified polls, social media contests and more.

Context Hub

For each experience, identify relevant context elements and then set rules that define who gets what content and when. Context elements are customized to your organization and can include third-party APIs and proprietary systems. We provide a number of data sources out of the box but our customers leverage their own in Experience Studio, too. Here are a few examples.

Push Message

You can send a broadcast message whenever you like, or wait for a specific condition to be met and then send a triggered message. A triggered message might be a customer satisfaction survey sent 15 minutes after a customer leaves a retail bank branch or store.


Estimate your campaign’s reach ahead of time, and then examine detailed metrics on impressions (who saw your message), engagement (who responded by taking action) and the top context triggers for experiences. The data you capture becomes historical context to optimize future campaigns.​


Flybits uses tokenization to keep your data secure and protect your customers’ privacy. We also promote data transparency and open algorithms, and can recommend strategies to increase your customers’ opt-in rates. For more information, check out our privacy FAQ.

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