What digital consumer banking experiences won in 2021?

Most Requested Experience

The Auto Financing Program

Brought to you by a top American Bank, leverages an AI propensity model to generate insights such as who is doing a test drive at a dealership or how much time is left on a lease, to better understand a customer’s current needs and deliver information and offers that are relevant to them.

Highest Engagement Community Initiative

The Merchant Empowerment Program

Launched by one of North America’s biggest banks, merged online with offline and helped increase foot traffic to local businesses. The targeted offers used geo-location and generated nearly 25% CTR and a 200% increase in engagement when compared to traditional email offers.

Most Popular Experience

Holiday Offers Near Me!

From designer handbags and decadent chocolate deals to gifts offers for family, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) customers are benefitting from geo-based offers powered by Mastercard and Flybits. Customers can now also set personal saving goals as well as monitor and track their progress through gamified experiences with timely nudges and visual reminders.

Best Migration to Digital

TD Bank

Since the onset of the global pandemic, TD supported its customers at an unprecedented scale by launching dozens of highly personalized experiences including biometrics, eStatements, mobile remote deposit capture, and bill pay, to offer its customers real-time access to online services. Through notifications and in-app content, TD also provided tutorials to help its customers and saw a 300% increase in the adoption of mobile users in the US.

Most Unique Experiences

Weather Alerts to Help Customers

One of the biggest insurers in North America, launched relevant weather alerts to customers based on their location, notifying them of conditions like heavy rainfall and snow. The alerts served to reduce risks, and aid in claims. They also provided relevant information to customers such as reminders to clean gutters, take the right steps to avoid flooding, and ensuring they had their winter tires on the vehicles.

Best Insurance Experiences

Canada Life experiences to promote well-being

Since the launch of it’s new mobile app, the insurance provider has deployed dozens of experiences to help customers in real-time, such as their Best Doctors program, credit counseling support, reminders to use their wellness account, download their benefits card to their mobile device, and more.

Best Cross-Promotional Offer

The Wealth Investment Campaign

Launched by a leading Financial Institution in the U.S, the targeted campaign was able to identify high-wealth individuals that were not taking advantage of an investor account. Through push notifications, the campaign generated a 10% CTR from offering a $1000 bonus to their RSVP account if the customers opened an investment account.

Experience With the Fastest Adoption

Members 1st Credit Union

Launched a personal concierge which consisted of a team of live agents. Through targeted notifications, they promoted the service through Flybits which resulted in a rapid onboarding process.

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