Author: Ambreen Sharif

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Insurance Literacy: How to Reach Millennials

One of the most dominating topics across the financial services industry over the last several years has been around how to best market to and acquire millennials as customers[1]. Much of this discussion comes from a banking and finance perspective; how to offer millennials loans, how to get them to invest, how to sell them

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Go Beyond Conventional Marketing

Traditional marketing, such as print, broadcast or direct mail are being left in the dust as technology advancements spur digital innovation. Even more modern tactics such as push notifications could be considered “traditional,” as they have become the new norm and standard marketing practice for global organizations. Customers now consume most of their content –

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Top Digital Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2018

Three-dimensional digital experiences To date, companies have been creating two-dimensional consumer experiences on two-dimensional devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. The next generation of consumer experiences will be three-dimensional, lived through our entire environment, not just our devices. Customer interactions will bridge the gap between online and offline. For the enterprise, this

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