Flybits Receives The Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for Best Practices in Customer Experience Technology

Sparking meaningful innovation is challenging, especially in financial services. Customer needs and expectations evolve at a rapid pace. At the same time, fintech and big tech entrants are intensifying competition and shifting the market toward a customer-centric focus. Our customers tackle these challenges head-on every day, which only deepens our commitment to helping banks deliver personalized, data-driven customer experiences that drive long-term customer loyalty, increased engagement, and higher ROI. 

That’s why earning this year’s Frost & Sullivan Global Technology Innovation Award for customer experience technology in the financial services is such an honor. The Best Practices Awards recognize companies that achieve excellence in technology innovation through a consistent pursuit or investment in new technologies that enable them to effectively serve their customers, while also growing at a rate that exceeds the industry average. After thorough independent research performed by a global team of analysts and consultants at Frost & Sullivan, Flybits was selected as the technology innovation leader in delivering customer experience technology to the global financial services market. 

While this is a great achievement for our company, it shines an even brighter light on the employees, customers, and investors who continue to support the work we do. With their ongoing contributions and commitment, we are able to continue helping financial institutions harness the power of hyper-personalization and data contextualization in banking. 

At our core, we use our expertise in building data contextualization solutions to help banks remain competitive in an increasingly challenging industry. By gathering proprietary data from bank-owned channels as well as public data and information found on third-party devices, we provide banks with the contextual knowledge they need to support customer experiences that are frictionless, tailored down to the individual, and able to drive cross-sell and upsell opportunities for relevant products and services. Here’s a brief overview of the technology attributes highlighted in Frost & Sullivan’s research report.

Unburdening businesses. Our end-to-end platform addresses and manages the information technology complexities faced by financial institutions with legacy infrastructure. Through our contextual recommendation engine and extensive data ecosystem, we enable our clients to easily create and implement the types of experiences that are timely, relevant and meaningful to their customers.

Channel enablement. We remove the complexities and barriers associated with data science, hyper-personalization, and contextualization for our clients — cutting down the time and effort it takes to implement and scale data contextualization solutions. With faster integrations and an extensive offering of use cases, banks can customize the platform to suit their needs and evolve over time.

Forward-thinking mindset. To continuously implement the innovation and operational change banks need, we constantly anticipate and prepare for new business models and technological advancements in the financial services market. We not only identify how the banking world is evolving, but aim to use that knowledge to support partnerships that will unite various industries through the transactions they all share. We see a future where the banking industry can drive a new wave of interoperability when it comes to how data is managed, shared, and secured.

Growth and expansion. Flybits is on the move — and the significant growth we’ve seen both geographically and financially since 2013 shows no signs of stopping. We have opened new offices and secured funding that is helping us continue to expand our presence and products around the world.

Technological innovation is crucial to the work we do every day, which is why we are so proud of this recognition from Frost & Sullivan. Their extensive research into our technology attributes and future business value shows the priority we place on innovation and the power it has to help our clients overcome critical challenges in new ways.

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