Flybits Launches World’s First Context-as-a-Service Solution

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  • Flybits is launching the first context-as-a-service solution, radically simplifying how the enterprise brings context-aware computing to its mobile strategy
  • A developer can enable an iOS or Android app with Flybits in 15 minutes, and begin adding contextual elements to deliver a better, more customized experience
  • Using Flybits is a much faster, easier, and more flexible way to enable in-app context than the extensive custom coding otherwise needed, especially as more data sources are incorporated
  • TD Bank Group, a top 10 North American bank, announces an exclusive agreement with Flybits

Palo Alto Calif., and Toronto, — September 16, 2015Flybits, Inc., the pioneer in context-aware computing, has announced its launch of Flybits, the first context-as-a-service cloud-based solution. Context is the key to the personalization that companies want to bring to their mobile strategies, to get closer to their customers and increase sales. Flybits is a comprehensive software product that makes it easy for developers and digital marketers to use all available contextual data to transform generic and static mobile apps into personalized and dynamic mobile experiences.

“We’re very excited to see how Flybits will change the way people develop for and interact with the mobile Internet,” said Flybits Founder & Chief Product Officer Dr. Hossein Rahnama. “Our product will accelerate companies’ understanding and adoption of context-aware mobile experiences, making them more widely available to consumers. Flybits lets companies focus on introducing innovative experiences and new business models, whether delivered through apps on smartphones and tablets or through wearables or browsers, rather than worry about the technical complexities of context-aware services. Tailored, customized, and predictive experiences are becoming an expectation of consumers across the spectrum, and we look forward to helping companies stay ahead of that demand.”

Flybits lets developers take as contextual data anything that can be sensed, imported, or integrated, and provides a simple, unified way to manage and use all of it. The built-in context sources include device settings, user behavior and preferences, weather and other environment data, information from cameras and other industrial sensors, social network connections, health data from wearables, and more. Location is usually one important element of context, so Flybits includes a full set of location-management and push notification services that leverage GPS, Wi-Fi, cell towers, NFC, and beacons. Flybits is hardware-agnostic to sensors such as beacons, and is designed to work with any existing infrastructure. This insulates users from proprietary beacon hardware lock-in.

As part of today’s launch TD Bank Group also announced an exclusive agreement with Flybits within the Canadian financial services industry.

“A key focus for TD’s digital roadmap is to create more intuitive, personalized experiences that make our customers’ lives simpler,” said Rizwan Khalfan, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, TD Bank Group. “Our exclusive agreement with Flybits will enable us to deliver relevant, dynamic content and services to enhance our customers’ lives.”

Flybits is a single integrated software solution that delivers contextualized experiences to live apps. Supporting both Android and iOS devices, the main components of Flybits include:

  • Flybits SDK – the Software Development Kit that provides the programmatic access needed to integrate and use contextual data through various APIs (Application Program Interfaces), set up business rules, and personalize the live experience on the user’s mobile device;
  • Experience Studio – a powerful visual interface that allows digital marketing people as well as developers to rapidly change the content and behavior of a live app without more coding;
  • Context Plug-Ins – pre-built software modules that give access to common sources of contextual data; and
  • Moments – pre-built software modules that deliver content and services to the live app.

Customers can create their own Context Plug-Ins and Moments, and both the company and the Flybits developer community will add more. The SDK enables integration with in-house systems that bring additional contextual information. Flybits analytics data can feed standard corporate analytics packages.

“After proving our solution in production with highly impressive and innovative customers in the US, Canada, and UK over the past 18 months, we’re thrilled to bring Flybits to the cloud. We’re making it easy for every enterprise to deliver rich, dynamic, personalized mobile experiences that can lead to higher sales,” said Jerry Rudisin, CEO at Flybits. “We’re also bringing marketers unprecedented agility as they refine their mobile strategies, slashing the usual cycle time of going back and forth between marketing and development. You can still create context-aware mobile experiences the hard way, with lots of custom coding that’s usually hard to change. But now there’s a new and much easier, faster way, using Flybits.”

In addition to its use by TD, Flybits powers context-aware mobile apps for connected corporate campuses, transit agencies, stadiums, event sponsors, and other enterprises who want a competitive advantage in their mobile marketing strategy.

Flybits and the associated Development Portal will be available on September 28, 2015. Starting now, interested developers can register and get credentials for preview access, at

About Flybits
Flybits is the only context-as-a-service solution, providing instant access in the cloud to everything needed to transform mobile experiences from generic and static to personalized and dynamic. Flybits is the easiest way for iOS and Android developers to integrate and use multiple sources of contextual information – from location to social profiles, user behavior and preferences, environmental data, and beyond. Flybits lets marketing people and other non-coders change an app’s content and behavior on the fly, as they refine their mobile Internet strategies. Using Flybits brings faster time-to-market, unprecedented agility, lower development cost, higher consumer engagement and satisfaction, and increased brand value. For more information, please visit and follow us at @FlybitsInc.

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