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Flybits launches a new interface to improve platform management across global teams

With Control Tower, a major advancement to support the Flybits platform, Financial Institutions can now seamlessly administer projects from multiple teams spanning across different regions

TORONTO, ON (March 18, 2021) —

Flybits, the leading digital experience platform for financial services, today announces the release of Control Tower, the next significant upgrade in a series of platform advancements being announced in 2021. This new platform is designed to give financial institutions more control and flexibility when managing projects and teams across regions and organizations. At a time when 73% of consumers’ interactions with banks have migrated to digital, it is crucial for financial institutions to offer impactful and timely recommendations that help people.

“Banks today are increasing their efforts to reach out to customers on a 1:1 level, however when managing teams and projects across regions the experience can become cumbersome, making it difficult to deploy projects quickly and potentially resulting in missed opportunities,” says Petar Kramaric, Chief Technology Officer at Flybits. “Control Tower gives Financial Institutions a much easier way to manage multiple customer experiences, team access, and projects—all in one centralized source, thereby enabling institutions to go to market faster with more engaging mobile experiences.”

By giving administrators a holistic view of the entire system, they can organize teams and manage access globally with reduced complexity.

Control Tower also offers the following benefits to administrators:

  • A centralized location for projects and teams across regions, lines of business, and functional groups
  • Increased flexibility with the management of teams and sub-teams
  • More control over projects and regional deployments

In addition to the launch of Control Tower and our recent announcement of Experience Studio 2.0, Flybits is excited to release a number of new products and enhancements to be announced in the upcoming months.

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