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Flybits and Affinity Solutions partner to provide mobile contextualized card-linked offers

The partnership supports the growing demand from banks for personalized digital experiences and offers that add value and build trust

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Flybits, the most advanced contextual engagement platform for the financial industry, and Affinity Solutions, a prominent data-led consumer intelligence company, today announced the launch of My Offers, an innovative solution designed to enable financial institutions to deliver high-value, card-linked offers with contextual, personalized mobile app experiences. This comes at a time when many banks are struggling to deliver predictive and proactive experiences that can delight and drive business growth while protecting the privacy of their customers.

“The synergy between Flybits’ embedded recommendation engine and Affinity’s unique ability to deliver and fund personalized high-value offers is a game-changer for banks looking to stand-out from their competitors. Together, we help financial institutions accelerate their time to market, and provide a personalized, highly relevant, clutter-free experience for their customers,” says Gerti Dervishi, Chief Growth Officer of Flybits. “Our partnership with Affinity Solutions helps bring contextual data insights and offers to the financial industry, providing better options and privacy, ultimately leading to better decisions and lives.”

Flybits and Affinity Solutions have combined their innovative solutions to reinvent how financial institutions can approach customer engagement through relevant interactions. With My Offers, banks will now be able to draw on real-time, intelligent decisioning such as mobile activity, device status, weather, and propensity to buy, to provide customers with a wide range of personalized high-value offers that do not require bank funding.

“High-value offers to the right person is just the first step. To really move the needle on card activation and engagement, you need to deliver those offers at the moments that are most relevant to the customer. With My Offers, we’re able to help banks do exactly that.” says Phil Lore, Chief Revenue Officer of Affinity Solutions.

With My Offers, financial institutions will be able to create superior customer interactions and engagement with the potential for significant business impact, in the simplest way possible —paving the path for next-generation mobile customer experiences.

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Flybits is the leading customer experience platform for the financial services sector, delivering  personalization at scale. With the most advanced capabilities in the market, its enterprise-level  solution brings relevant content, products, offers, and information to a bank’s digital channels based on what each individual customer needs in the moments that matter. With Flybits, banks  are able to design, launch, and measure data-driven consumer experiences that deliver the right  information to the right customer at the right time, while preserving their privacy.

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