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Flybits advocates data and algorithmic transparency by putting consumers in the driver's seat with their data

With Privacy-First Guided Opt-in, Flybits makes it easier for banks to give their customers control over their data, and build trust

TORONTO, ON (February 18, 2021)

Flybits, the leading digital experience platform for financial services, today announces the release of Privacy-First Guided Opt-in Experience. This marks another significant upgrade to the platform as the company embarks on completing a number of enhancements in 2021. Designed with the consumer in mind, this feature aims to create valuable digital experiences by allowing individuals to control their personal data.

“Consumer privacy and security are among the most important issues facing financial institutions today, especially as consumers grow increasingly wary of where their data is going and how it’s being used,” says Jordanne Pavao, VP of Product at Flybits. “Our new guided opt-in flow offers three levels of permissions: concierge service, location tracking, and notifications as well as explaining what data is required, how it will be used, and the promise of data privacy.”

By placing security, privacy and identity preservation above all else, Flybits helps financial institutions offer consumers transparency and peace of mind. A critical step to uphold consumer trust, while keeping up with the fast-paced demand for anticipatory, adaptive, and contextually relevant digital experiences. With privacy being of utmost importance at Flybits, the organization proudly follows privacy preserving guidelines and has for a long time been GDPR compliant.

In addition to the launch of Privacy-First Guided Opt-in Experience and the recent announcement of Experience Studio 2.0, Flybits is excited to release a number of new products and enhancements to be announced in the upcoming months.

Learn more about our Privacy-First Guided Opt-in Experience.

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Flybits is the leading customer experience platform for the financial services sector, delivering  personalization at scale. With the most advanced capabilities in the market, its enterprise-level  solution brings relevant content, products, offers, and information to a bank’s digital channels based on what each individual customer needs in the moments that matter. With Flybits, banks  are able to design, launch, and measure data-driven consumer experiences that deliver the right  information to the right customer at the right time, while preserving their privacy. 

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