Flybits Adds Visual Rule Editing to Mobile Personalization Product

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  • Flybits has added Rule Builder to its cloud-based product for mobile personalization and experience management, along with additional Context Plug-Ins.
  • Digital marketers can now change the business logic and behavior of their mobile apps and web pages in a matter of minutes without any coding knowledge.

FinDEVr, NEW YORK CITY, March 29, 2016Flybits, Inc., the first provider of a context-as-a-service product for the mobile Internet, announced today at the FinDEVr conference in New York City, the addition of Rule Builder to its cloud-based Experience Studio for mobile personalization and experience management. The Flybits Experience Studio is a drag-and-drop visual interface that allows for the immediate addition of contextual features to a mobile app or web page with pre-packaged contextual experiences called ‘Context Plug-Ins’.

As a whole, Flybits is a unique product that makes it easy for digital marketers and developers to create and deliver highly-personalized mobile experiences to end-users. The addition of Rule Builder makes digital marketers even more agile, since they can now change the business logic and behavior of their mobile channels in a matter of minutes without having to write a single line of code.

“Consumer-facing enterprises, such as retail banks, rely heavily on mobile channels to reach their customers, but the customers rapidly tire of generic ‘cookie cutter’ experiences that offer stale and static features. Personalization is the key to an engaging mobile experience, and context, defined as the set of all available information about someone’s situation and circumstances, is the key to personalization,” said Jerry Rudisin, Flybits CEO. “Flybits puts context at the service of mobile marketers, making it easy for them to capture and use all available sources of contextual information. While Flybits provides excellent support for location, including precise positioning from any beacon following the Apple iBeacon or Google Eddystone software standards (this includes beacons from major vendors such as Gimbal,, and Estimote,) our product enables digital marketers to go way beyond location by using sensor information, weather, health data from wearables, user persona, past buying behavior and more.”

Using Rule Builder, a marketer can create a set of rules within a mobile app that will trigger events specific to the user’s context. It is possible, for example, to change the status of a customer to “tired” if the user’s Fitbit indicates that he/she has walked over 4000 steps. Using this status, a marketer can then push out coupons to “tired” customers such as a discount for a latte if the weather is cold, or for an iced coffee if the weather is hot. By defining and combining these rules, digital marketers are able to directly set up complex, personalized behaviors for their mobile apps on every relevant device, all without having to rely on their busy development teams.

Rule Builder is available immediately in Flybits’ Experience Studio. Starting now, interested developers and digital marketers can learn more by visiting

About Flybits

Flybits is the only context-as-a-service product, providing instant access in the cloud to everything needed to transform mobile experiences from generic and static to personalized and dynamic. Flybits is the easiest way for developers to integrate and use multiple sources of contextual information – from location to social profiles, user behavior and preferences, environmental data, and beyond. Flybits lets enterprises change a mobile app or web page’s content and behavior on the fly, as they refine their mobile Internet strategies. Using Flybits brings faster time-to-market, unprecedented agility, lower development cost, higher consumer engagement and satisfaction, and increased brand value. For more information, please visit and follow us at @FlybitsInc

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