Veljko Lukovic

Why do you work at Flybits?
Flybits’ product is really cool. The culture is very progressive and forward thinking. Plus, the people are TOP CLASS. I love my team. A bonus point during my contract negotiation period: I was sold on our “PIZZA FRIDAY”.Honestly, that was a huge game changer for me.

Why are you in customer success?
I love to travel. I love to talk to people. I love to build an impact with our customers collaboratively. I really like helping and creating a success story out of it. I really enjoy that.

Who was your greatest influence?
My parents. They came to a foreign country and couldn’t speak English, yet they were able to get a job right away, bought a house in a short period of time, and lived a debt-free life. They are the greatest influence in my life. There’s no way I could be where I am without them.

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?
Work hard, play hard, and be persistent!

What is something unique about you?
My smile and eyes. It’s good to always smile :) Also, on my first day, I was the only person who shook hands with every member of my team. I did it first thing, before sitting down at my desk.