Sai Karthik

Why do you work at Flybits?
Flybits provides an opportunity to work on a unique offering, that provides personalization at scale for large enterprise.

The platform is continuously evolving and improving. I think it’s a great time to be here , to be a part of building the next generation of the product.

Why are you in frontend engineering?
I like the pace of frontend development as there is always room for improvement, to be working on a feature and be able to visually interact with it – is exciting.

Front End engineering presents a unique challenge, it’s easy to do things, but it’s difficult to do them right, which keeps me hooked (no react puns intended).

What’s something unique about yourself throughout your life journey?
I’ve come to learn that I’m weirdly passionate about exploring things and learning about them. Even when they don’t particularly benefit me in my day-to-day. I find that they give me perspective.

My interests vary from entrepreneurship, economics to technology. While this is not necessarily weird, i have no idea why i’m a part of r/castIron.

What’s something great about Flybits you would have never known before working here?
The great set of people we have here. It’s easy to tell you what the company does for a living, you can publish reports, show a demo or create marketing collateral that describe features.

But it’s hard to describe culture. I find that the team here is very capable and resilient to handle the task at hand. The fact that most of the core team has grown up with the company shows a sense of ownership in the product that’s rarely seen in tech.

I’d describe them as a group of self-learners who are obsessed with lego’s and board games and of course, the product.

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?
Be kind, be open to change and don’t make assumptions.