Mark Reeves

How did you get into the startup industry?
I’ve been a banker, I’ve been a consultant, the future of our industry is fintech. I was lucky enough to bump into Flybits which I think is the ultimate fintech. 

Who is your greatest mentor?
20 years ago I joined a small consulting firm. The founder was a unique character. He had dyslexia. He taught me about the importance of people and the role individuals play in generating success, and he did so by only using texts (135 characters!) . 

What do you like about your current role? 
Being part of a growth entity, the flexibility of enjoying life alongside it, and directly experiencing the enjoyment of clients when engaged with a creative and new concept. 

What’s your story?
I’m English but was brought up in West Africa. I’ve lived more than three-quarters of my life abroad. This has taught me about the importance of different cultures and has opened me up to different interests and perspectives. 

What’s the secret to success?
Successful people always show curiosity.

Tell me about your key past work experiences?
I was very fortunate mid-way through my career to be supported as I invented a new way of thinking about consulting in financial services. That new solution has now become an industry standard and will be around for the next 25 years. 

Successful people always show curiosity.​

Can you share a quote that you live by?
‘Power is only as good as you give it away’

How would you describe yourself?
While I’m not a classic academic, I make up for it by effort, leadership, and curiosity. I’m also an introvert that loves to network but never present.  I am always on whether for work or for my pursuits of windsurfing, tennis, and yoga…..

What do you bring to the table?
I bring an energetic mindset to making change happen. 

Answer this statement – leadership starts with?
Curiosity! Not just for solutions, for people, processes, and everything else. It’s truly about the breadth and energy of curiosity. 

Any lasting thoughts?
What a great team I have here in Europe – phew – covers up for my gaps:-)