Karen Bao

Why do you work at Flybits?
I’m really intrigued by the concept of our product. The idea of delivering personalized experiences to our end consumers really interests me. Besides that, I love the work culture here. Interactions with the management team are collaborative. Flybits provides me with space to grow, and exciting opportunities to make an impact.

Why do you work in product design?
I started off my career in marketing. I had the opportunity to work with a product designer for a marketing campaign and that experience changed my career trajectory. I found myself falling in love with the actual product design for ads, websites and commercials. I really enjoy the process of designing a product that actually helps and creates value. And that’s where my passion is.

What’s something great about Flybits you would have never known before working here?
The first surprising thing is that I didn’t know Flybits started from an incubator at Ryerson University, which I found pretty interesting. Secondly, it seems like most of the founding members have been with the company until now. To me, this demonstrates the commitment and dedication towards our mission.

What’s something unique about yourself throughout your life journey?
For the past four to five years, I have lived in four different cities across Canada due to my career. Every time I got a new job, I moved to a new city. I did my undergrad in Vancouver, my first co-op in Montreal, then moved to Victoria for my first full-time job. Now, I’m in Toronto! I really enjoy the experience of working and living in different cities. It gives me the opportunity to really explore the environment and meet new people.