Howard Tsai

What are the reasons you wanted to return to Flybits?
Fun Working culture – had a lot of fun working at Flybits – really liked the atmosphere and after work hangs – Hossein was very down to earth – the company had a grasp for when it wanted to go and he felt like he could grow with the company – like management overall

What do you think about the Technology and overall Flybits Business? What motivates you?
There is a market for the business side of things – we are doing very well – there are a lot of cool things we are planning on doing and are in the future of flybits – our technology is good and underutilized – we have the ability to maximize our potential and love this. In general there is a lot of potential for product and management recognizes this as well – personally excited about all the technical capabilities down the line – as a developer feels like I am always learning – feel like he is constantly surprised and excited – wants to get started on cool features – AI

How would you describe Flybits Culture?
Generally fun – Work hard play hard – been back for a few months now – the people you interact with on a daily basis are pretty cool – like the team building activities – everyone regardless of seniority people just talk – feel of more scaleup – general approachability – feel like I can talk with anyone at any level and communication and no ego – removing ego from work they do.

If you could describe Flybits in 1 word or a few words what would you say?
Go! Pun – are back end language and we have one mode go – we are always pushing forward.

If you think about the difference in your journey within Flybits can you please describe it?
Deadlines are tight – always promising a lot and there is a pressure to deliver – the size of the company is different front -end use to be 3 people – now much larger – the product is really cool – I can see the things I worked on 2 years ago and now I see the product pushing forward – concepts are now actuality. Was part of 1st interaction of Experience studio 2 – a part of a demo series, all front end – faked all data – stored it in the side at the backend – now everything is coming together and analytics are coming strong – geolocation is very strong and cool + important. We do not have a huge engineering team each individual developer attributes to the coding team – feel like you have a direct impact on the product and code in general.