Greg Giordano

Tell us how you found yourself in the Fintech world?
I’ve spent the bulk of my career delivering experiential services to consumers within large Financial Services and Payments institutions like Ctibank, Chase and MasterCard. Fintech was a natural next step for me.

Why did you choose Flybits?
Flybits mission, products and services really resonate with me as a loyalty guy at heart whose ultimate goal is to create more positive and meaningful experiences that deepen the relationship with consumers

What do you like doing for fun?
I love to travel, spend time at the beach and be out on the open water jumping waves on my jetski.

Who inspires you?
Individuals who are fearless and see and pursue opportunities where most do not.

What are you most passionate about?
The happiness and well being of my family and friends.

Tell us your favorite joke
Everytime one of my kids says to me “I’m hungry”, “I’m tired”, “I’m bored”…., I reach out my hand and say “Hi I’m Greg. Nice to meet you.”. (dad joke, sorry)