Federico De Simoni

Why does fintech excite you?
It’s a super-fast-paced environment with a huge degree of competition. What else do you need?

How do you envision the financial services industry in 10 years?
Are we going to have banks and insurance as we see them today in 10 years? I do not think so, banks will become an “infrastructure” and we will access them through tech companies, retailers, etc, like we do today with Apple Card (Goldman Sachs) and Google Pay (Citibank). Additionally, all the different entities will be grouped into connected data hubs where you can benefit from a data drive ecosystem play.

You’ve lived and traveled all over the world, what’s your favorite place and why?
My heart is split between Mexico City and New York. Living in Manhattan is unique. The people, the vibe, and the experiences you have are impossible to find in any other place. On the other hand, Mexico City is just a hidden gem, it’s a magical place, there are no words to describe it.

If you could interview a famous person, who would you choose?
Sergio Marchionne

How would your friends describe you?
Two quotes from my friends:

Energetic, exuberant, charismatic, and a bit stubborn because when he wants something, he won’t stop until he gets it.

Federico is a very passionate individual. Having lived in many vastly different places he has become a citizen of the world and seamlessly adapts to any situation. Although he is very international, you can always count on him to know where to find the best pizza and access to Nutella.

He is determined and excels in work as well as in many of his hobbies, such as hiking and drone photography. He will always make time to make sure something is done well or to help a friend.

Federico is the type of person you want to have around when things are going well, and need to have around when they aren’t.

What lessons have you learned from your time at Flybits?
Always look at the bright side of things and never give up. Working for a company that’s growing is not for faint heart and it requires a lot of persistence.

How do you spend your free time?
When I have free time you can find me flying my drone or doing some very intense sports activities such as long hikes or riding my bike up the mountains. When I am not busy with those adventures I like to help my grandpa in our small field or focusing on my yoga practice.