Edvin Emiri

What are the reasons you wanted to return to Flybits?
The reasons are Simple – at the time he decided – went to another company for 4-5 months and was not finding himself there- Sense of co-worker friendship – Feel like he has a lot of friends at work – Mixture – accomplish things together and hang out after work.

What do you think about the Technology and overall Flybits Business? What motivates you?
Technology and the learning instrument – it’s a tech company 1st – which I enjoy – having that visibility – being a tech company 1st – we are on the forefront of Fintech – banking and driving the digital transformation in the Fintech industry. In some of the largest financial institutions.

How can you describe Flybits Culture?
Diversity of the work that I get to do – as a PO – I do multiple things in the organization. Some are product activities, business activities, and the daily exposure of the different activities is delightful and not repetitive – so I am constantly learning and doing new projects.
Like the Dichotomy of work – the breadth of work – have a chat with engineers and have a conversation and learn something that he doesn’t know three main pillars he thinks of these three items.

If you could describe Flybits in 1 word or a few words, what would you say?
I would say Above and Beyond. I have yet to see a vendor for a financial institution that goes as Above and beyond as Flybits does; no other company goes near that level – level of care but commitment – 99% of the time, we deliver.

If you think about the difference in your journey within Flybits, can you please describe it?
It started as a small non-focused organization which was fun in the beginning – you saw lots of change – was employee number 24 – then grew to 35 and was under 50. Best job ever had – it was tiny and enjoyable. Flybits used to have a lot of get-togethers. Now Flybits is a Hybrid culture where we experienced the members growing and maturing constantly. There is also a lot of fun for two things – did a lot of exploration with different verticals- not as many projects with verticals not associated – Was a company responsible for R&D – the Development was enlightening, and he learned a lot.

What do you do for fun? Who are you as a person?
One of my favorite things to do is explore new places. As long as the beach is warm, sunny or a Sandy Destination or beach, I am happy.