Our Vision

Empowering you to bring meaning & wisdom to the data that surrounds each & every customer, inspiring them to live their best lives.

About Flybits

Our vision is what fuels us to do everything possible to expand the relationship between individuals and their financial institutions. We achieve this by embedding a multi-dimensional contextual lens across every digital mobile customer experience, so banks can deliver the right message to every customer, in the moments that matter.


We bring the best of technology and industry together to redefine how you engage with your customers. Learn more about our groundbreaking projects in augmented reality, robotics, data alliances.

Who We Are

At Flybits we are united in being a catalyst for change and flying with impact. Learn more about our global team.

How We Got There

Flybits was born out of a research lab back in 2008, from the recognition that humans are designed to make decisions using a multitude of inputs and sources of information. Context is what leads two people who are encountering the same situation to come away with different personal experiences. It powers how we see and feel in every moment of every day. Show More

Social Impact

We believe in inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs & using technology to improve the health & vitality of the communities we serve.