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Flybits empowers banks to engage an audience of one, at scale. Through our leading customer experience platform you can deliver data-driven, personalized recommendations and advice, inside your mobile app or website. Create value beyond your financial assets, and inspire your customers to live their best lives.

The Flybits advantage

We’ve created the most powerful way for the world’s top banks to interact with their customers on mobile -transforming data into valuable recommendations and business outcomes, faster than anyone else. With our My Bank collection of modules, any business unit from cards to loyalty, can launch experiences in minutes at scale, while protecting their customer’s privacy, and evolving a bank’s digital channels into a destination that builds trust.

through context

Innovation through context

The most powerful way of connecting and supporting your customers using contextual data; making your mobile channels a destination that builds trust.

A personalized ecosystem creating experiences beyond the branch

My Bank is the ultimate collection of interactive offers, education, and recommendations to serve your customers at every relevant moment.


Privacy protection

We strive to preserve your customers’ privacy in everything we do, empowering them to decide what data to share, when – without compromising service.

Introducing the My Bank suite — get to market 85% faster

We’ve modularized business cases for every line of business at a bank. Learn how you can generate a 400% increase in revenue, drive digital adoption, and improve loyalty better than ever before.
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How we help your teams

  • Financial Institutions
  • Digital
  • Marketing
  • Business
Financial institutions​

Flybits for

Financial institutions

Improve your customer experience and speed to market

151% increase in digital adoption
312% increase in offer redemption
250% increase in customer engagement

Digital teams​

Flybits for

Digital teams

Make mobile a destination by delivering a unified customer experience tailored to the individual.

150% increase in digital adoption
250% increase in customer engagement
10-30% reduction of attrition costs or improve retention

Marketing teams​

Flybits for

Marketing teams

Deploy personalization over digital, with always-on experiences that boost your engagement.

Up to 3X improvement on CLV
312% offer redemption
37% to 55% improvements to COA for cross-sell

Business leads​

Flybits for

Business leads

Launch turnkey experiences that engage and retain customers across your lines of business.

10%+ revenue improvements
Up to 30-40% improve on sales lift conversion
Up to 85% faster time to market

Our customers have seen these results in weeks

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Be more than a bank

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