The ​enterprise ​platform for data orchestration​ and ​​personalized experience design

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The ​enterprise ​platform for data orchestration​ and ​​personalized experience design

More and more data. More and more systems that can’t (or shouldn’t) talk to each other.  No way to easily augment owned datasets with signals from the outside.  Slowed down because of internal silos and dependencies. Does this sound familiar?  

Wouldn’t it be great if you and your teams could extract deep insights across disparate systems and convert signals into actions and engagements in an intuitive and scalable way?

  • Enable and scale your data

    Evolve your legacy systems into a flexible, agile, and scalable data layer that powers an advanced data ecosystem at lightning speed

  • Multi-dimensional channels

    Offer consistent, interactive, and immersive customer-led experiences across mobile and other digital channels that meet your customer wherever they are

  • Design experiences that convert

    Accelerate your time to market with the most advanced suite of standardized experience templates that map to your KPIs and across your lines of business

  • Seamless OOTB templates

    Accelerate your time to market with the most advanced suite of experience templates from our extensive library

  • Consent-based participation

    Don’t trade privacy for personalization. Enable your customers to decide what data to share, and when – without compromising service

Personalization at scale

We enable businesses to create and deepen customer engagement by delivering personalized, context-relevant offers, information and experiences. Core to this is our expertise and deep IP in orchestrating and augmenting enterprise customer data with 3rd party, open and device-level datasets without privacy, interoperability or data movement concerns and complexities. From there, our template-driven customer journey builders enable the creation of segments, experiences, engagements and offers without internal dependencies on technology and channel teams.

Leading the industry

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    Fintech Award for Data & Analytics 2022

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    Top 50 List Artifiical Intelligence CEOs

  • 2021 Tech Innovation Awards

    Tech Innovation Awards AI Solution of the year 2021

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    Report on Business Canada’s Top Growing Companies, 2021

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Simplicity, Scalability, Speed

Our primary focus is supporting our clients’ business growth objectives by delivering scalable, repeatable and innovative customer experience solutions.  Our team of product consultants, engineers and  data scientists has deployed hundreds of experiences with numerous financial services companies across the globe, from a top 5 Canadian bank to a top 50 US Credit Union, the UAE’s digital banking leader and 2 of the UK’s leading retail banking brands as well as several Insurance market leaders in North America. 

  • Drive a digital experience design roadmap

    To build a new future centered around your customers

  • Deploy the next generation of personalization

    Recreate the magic of walking into a branch and interacting with your customers in the ditigal space

  • We become part of your team

    To help you get to market faster with customer experiences that build loyalty and trust


Introducing OpenDome

We announced OpenDome at the World Economic Forum 2022 in Davos. OpenDome is the first-ever platform that enables banks to create multi-dimensional Metaverse experiences. Built on Flybits’ Experience Studio, our proprietary enterprise-grade platform, banks can now create personalized, context-aware Metaverse experiences with template-driven open banking data.

The new rules of data privacy

After two decades of data management being a wild west, consumer mistrust, government action, and competition for customers are bringing in a new era. Flybits founder and CEO, Hossein Rahnama and MIT Media Lab professor, Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland explore how Enterprise organizations must manage data in the Experience Economy.

Harvard Business Review

Be more than a bank

Transform how you engage with your customers in the data economy. Get in touch, and we’ll help you find a customized solution that unlocks the power of consent-based, customer-led experiences.

Every few decades an industry has the opportunity to reinvent itself. For the banking sector, that time is now. Book your free customized assessment.